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16 Years Since Decriminalizing Prostitution, Here’s What Is Occurring in Sweden

16 Years Since Decriminalizing Prostitution, Here’s What Is Occurring in Sweden

Is prostitution inherently exploitative? Or can it be enhanced to maximize equality and freedom for all involved?

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Western countries have already been grappling with this particular relevant concern for decades. Although it’s widely comprehended that prostitution is dangerous for intercourse workers if it is unregulated, there is extensive disagreement over perhaps the industry may be reformed to protect and empower employees, or if it should be abolished completely.

Some countries in Europe have legalized the practice and sought to legitimize the profession in an attempt at reform. In 2001, Germany passed law that mandated intercourse workers be addressed like workers in every other industry, that allows them to sue for better wages and possess full use of medical health insurance, pensions along with other benefits. But today, abuse and intercourse trafficking stay serious issues in Germany. The flood of intercourse employees has driven down wages and reduced standards that are working. Brothels into the national nation are booming. In 2013, German magazine Der Spiegel deemed the well-intentioned law a troubling “subsidy program for pimps.”

However some countries that are nordic led by Sweden, have actually searched for unconventional how to eradicate the intercourse work industry. Many years before Germany legalized prostitution, Sweden created a paradigm in which offering sex is not considered a crime, but buying it is. This decriminalization model has produced some severe results in reducing trafficking and prostitution not without its share that is fair of.