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Dating Sucks: Is Your Prospective Date a Lunatic? Dear Dating Diary

Dating Sucks: Is Your Prospective Date a Lunatic? Dear Dating Diary

Dear Dating Diary,

Not long ago I received this message from a potential date:

Hi Orlando! i am hoping you’re has gone well week. I’d like you to accomplish a small workout for me personally tonight. Stay while watching mirror and say this: I’m really and truly just a self-validation whore who’s on dating apps simply to get attention without any genuine intention to fulfill anyone. Through my profile we mislead individuals into convinced that I’m in search of one thing genuine, whenever the truth is I’m totally unexcitable and disinterested within the entire thing and that makes me a liar that is pathetic. We don’t value other people’s emotions once I ignore their texts and provide them bullshit excuses because I’m a narcissist in your mind. I shall never ever get a good man because smart dudes will dsicover appropriate through me personally that I’m an inconsiderate narcissist sac of shit [Kissy Face Emoji, Thumbs Up Emoji]. Oh and also by just how, we saw your other profile on another dating website, you’re showing your upper body. It is pretty saggy and slim. And simply to allow you realize: we knew that your sis excuse had been bullshit that is complete. [Kissy Face Emoji].

Exactly exactly just What could you do if you have this message?

A tiny aside that they were received by my phone in a totally jumbled order which I had to patch together in order to understand what he was saying if you look at the text messages above you’ll see.