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Switching a artistic force web page right into a Word Document

Switching a artistic force web page right into a Word Document

Therefore I’ve been doing a bit of Salesforce development and Visualforce that is using I’ve attempting to develop a term document. Sounds not difficult, but that you run into all sorts of issues if you’ve tried it you know.

Salesforce features this great thing with visualforce pages where you could make it as a PDF but, to produce a term document you’ve still got to do it the conventional method and set this content type to application/msword, just like you’d from the html page that is regular.

Issue # 1 had been that the document would open with Internet n’t Explorer. It worked good in Firefox and Chrome and Safari and [insert new internet web web browser right here], but in IE it can appear asking in the event that you desired to start or conserve the document. All is well so far. Then nothing would happen if you clicked Open it would appear to be doing what its supposed to do but. Term performedn’t available and no error was got by you message. Odd. In the event that you clicked Save it can provide you with a mistake message saying it couldn’t start the page or something like that. Crap.

Solution # 1. To fix this problem I’ve found that you’ll want to set that is cache=”true the label.

Issue # 2 had been that We would have to be in a position to place page pauses within the document at particular things and, being unsure of just what will be into the document until it absolutely was really produced made that rather hard. Used to do the typical google search and there have been all kinds of responses that seemed great but not one of them really worked…..until We tried one example that is last.