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Dear Annie: university student struggles in selecting between two relationships

Dear Annie: university student struggles in selecting between two relationships

Annie Lane writes the Dear Annie advice line.

Dear Annie: I’m a senior at college. I’m managing my boyfriend this semester, so we’re in identical “family unit” as they are in a position to be around one another without masks and social distancing.

I’ve been seeing my boyfriend — let’s call him Raul — for around a 12 months . 5 now. We’re getting along rather well, and I also can definitely envision a future together. Nonetheless, this is actually the first relationship that is serious held it’s place in, plus the two of us are usually likely to be in completely different places after the scholastic 12 months is finished. Raul’s applying to grad schools in European countries, and I’m trying to work with a nonprofit in america. Neither of us would feel great about permitting one other compromise their plans or aspirations or goals.

That apart, I got to spend a lot of time with childhood best friend — let’s call him Vermont Boy — who just broke up with his girlfriend of three years while I was back home in Vermont during the onset of the pandemic. I felt that there is a spark between us, but absolutely nothing took place on the summer time. Vermont Boy and I also are texting every time since. He also offers comparable interests to mine and would like to remain in the States — in brand brand brand brand New England, ideally. At one point within the summer time, it felt as though we had been going to kiss, but i do believe he held straight back since he knew I’m in a relationship. I’m glad we didn’t kiss, but In addition actually want we’d.

Personally I think such as the end is near with my boyfriend, but we reside together.